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" The Mission of The GOP Red Wave is to unite and empower our country by 'Keeping America, America' through education, legislative transparency, supporting conservative candidates that will back the #AmericaFirst agenda, and promoting small business prosperity."


Preserving our Founding Documents

  We believe that our nation's founding documents are NOT fundamentally living documents. These documents, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, are the framework that our nation was built on and we should preserve and respect them at all cost. These documents were written to ensure that our nation would never again be under tyrannical rule and to ensure that our nation is governed by WE THE PEOPLE!

Promoting Small Business Prosperity

We at The GOP Red Wave believe that small businesses are the heart and soul of our nation's economy. If not for small businesses, their hard working employees, and the patrons that keep these businesses alive and well, the American economy would lose meaning; it would lose its hardworking value that it holds today. We are partnering with small businesses as part of our Premium Membership opportunities!

Furthering the #AmericaFirst Agenda

President Donald J. Trump did the unthinkable with America. He took in a broken, disrespected, and confused country and turned her back around. President Trump stopped apologizing for our country, opened the eyes of many, and brought back the value of the American Dream. President Trump created the #AmericaFirst Agenda as he put our domestic needs before any other nation. Our nation was thriving under 45, and we at The GOP Red Wave pledge to continue this American Dream agenda!

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